"This course explores how Christians should present the Good News of Jesus Christ to others."
"This course is about the Bible, the Manual of Life, and provides proofs that the Word of God is true. It explains how to have a lifestyle of prayer, to overcome obstacles and embrace divine opportunities, and how to receive and share the Word of God to others." 
"Drawing on decades of personal experience, Derek Prince imparts the foundational keys to spiritual freedom."
"This course explains how to have freedom in the spirit, soul, and body. It talks about the causes of damages and the recovery process."
"This course is about building a stable and successful Christian life on a solid, scriptural foundation. Step by step, Derek Prince takes you through this essential process."
"This course provides God's offering of the inheritance to be a joint heir with Christ  – taught in the Word, it is accepted by faith, paid for by Christ, a reward for service and God's provision of the Helper (Holy Spirit)"
"This course explains about the Father's Heart, His Character, His house, and the realities of the Trinity."
"This course describes what God has provided for us through the cross, including nine exchanges - blessings in exchange for evils - and five aspects of deliverance."
"This course explains the realities of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, His unique character and human experiences. It also explains the benefits of the New Covenant, and benefits of Christ's death and resurrection. As believers, how to conquer and have the mind of Christ. It talks about the callings, positions in Christ, and moving to higher levels."
"In this course, Derek Prince explains how to receive the Holy Spirit (by salvation and Spirit baptism), and the effective purpose and use of the gifts of the Spirit."
"This course is all about the offices of the Holy Spirit, His ministry, and identity."
"This course is about the characteristics and responsibilities of an apostolic leader."

"This course describes the nature of biblical leadership and church leadership. It explores the heart and character qualifications of a leader, and having the heart of a shepherd."
"In this course, Rev. Bernard Blessing teaches the essence of governance and how to prepare to be a Governor. He explains why we need governorship and how to exhibit the mindset of a Governor. He also explains the benefits of having exceptional governance."